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How we differ from other providers - your additional benefit


Guest picture gallery
Your guests have the chance to upload their pictures to provide them online to everybody. Thus you can also see many of funny snapshots of your guests!


Photographer picture gallery
The photographer has the chance to upload his/her pictures and provide them online to everybody. Thus your guests can also see the professional pictures of the photographer and have also the possibility to order them.

attendance Handle invitations & feedback of guests
You have the chance to handle the acceptances and refusals of your guests quick and easy online and get a clear overview of your effective guestlist without any effort.


No banner ads
In spite of our cheap price you will not find any banner ads on your homepage - because this moment is your moment!

 no-limits No limits
We don't offer different packages - we offer you all features combined without any limits or hidden costs!
  • Unlimited features
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unlimited numbers of pictures
  • Unlimited numbers of pages
  • Unlimited picture galeries
homepage wird erstellt

Run-time until 6 months after the wedding date
Your wedding page is online until 6 months after the wedding date. Thus you can use the lead time and start as early as you want with your wedding page and still have enough time to tell from your honeymoon.

internetadresse waehlen

Wide range of your own internet address
You have the choice of many attractive internet addresses like 123yours, she-said-yes, ourmoment, wewillmarry and many more. Additionally you have the chance to order your individual adress if you want.

cd rahmen

If you don't need your homepage any more after the run-time you have the chance to order memory CD that contains everything like online and is 1:1 completely executable.


You have the possibility to create your homepage in 2 different languages.


The design can be changed any time
You can change the design any time also after you have done your offer.


Quick and friendly service if you need help
We always try our best to help you as quick and good as possible. We also continue to enhance the software to offer you more and more attractive features.

Our Moment - Your homepage for your moments